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ELO 7" UK Singles Discography - 1979 to 2018

Listed below are all the Electric Light Orchestra UK issued 7" singles from 1979 to 2018, click a 7" single image to see all the different label text layouts, label variations, different mouldings & pressings of that issue.

Download HERE a PDF list of all known issues of ELO 7" UK Singles - December 2023 

There were 4 types of ELO 7" singles issued in the UK:

  • 4 Prong Push Out 

  • Solid Centre

  • Moulded Plastic

  • Large Hole / Jukebox 


Plus different formats were issued:

  • Demo / Promo

  • Paper Labels

  • Plastic Injection

  • Coloured Vinyl

  • Picture Disc's

ELO Singles were issued on the labels:-

  • EMI Harvest

  • Warned Brothers

  • Jet Records

  • Epic

  • Sony

Livin' Thing in November 1976 was ELO's first single coloured issue.

Rockaria in February 1977 was the first ELO single to be issued in a pictures sleeve.

Any large centre hole versions that are listed in the main 7" singles section were issued for general public sale, especially around 1973 to 1975 and Juke Box use.

ELO JB1 single. which was for Juke Box use, appeared in the UK Singles sales chart, hence why it is included.

The singles with a 2nd different font/text layout version, may have originally come in picture sleeves or Jet Company sleeves or plain white sleeves.

Telephone Line UP36254 & The Way Life’s Meant To Be Jet 7021 may originally only have been issued in plain white sleeves

Click a 7" single on the  right or use the menus above to see full details of that issue.

Showdown HAR 5179
Dont Bring Me Down JET 153
Xanadu JET 185
Twilight JET 7015
Secret Messages JET A 3720
10538 Overture G45 22
Surrender ELOPR 1
Shine A Little Love S JET 144
The Diary Of Horace Wimp JET 150
The Diary of Horace Wimp - Clear Vinly JET 150
Confusion / Last Train To London JET 166
I'M Alive JET 179
Xanadu JET 185 Red
All Over The World JET 195
Don't Walk Away JET 7004
Hold On Tight JET 7011
Ticket To The Moon / Here Is The News JET 7018
The Way Lifes Meant To Be JET 7021
Rock N Roll Is King JET A 3500
Secret Messages JET A 7038
Secret Messages JET WA 3720
Four Little Diamonds JET A 3869
Calling America Epic A 6844
So Serious Epic A 7090
Getting To The Point Epic A 7317
Latitude 88 North
Xanadu - Live
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