A: Rockaria

B: Poker

Label:  Jet Records

Cat No:  S Jet 100

Issue Date:  May 1978

Format:  Black Vinyl

Peak UK Chart Position:  --

Weeks On UK Chart:  --


Issued on Jet Records label with :

  1. Almost flat solid centre with large raised ring.

  2. Solid centre with indented circle with a inner large flat circle.

  3. Almost flat solid centre with rough press circle and outer raised ring.

Jet Records changed record distributor on May, 6th 1978 from United Artists to CBS.


This prompted   3 of ELO's singles to be re-pressed and re-issued with new Jet Cat. Numbers, starting with Rockaria!(missing the exclamation mark now) on Jet 100.

Turn To Stone was allocated S Jet 103 cat. number, but for some reason was never actually pressed or issued.

Poker S JET 100

B Side

Rockaria S Jet 100
Poker S Jet 100
Rockaria S Jet 100


Rockaria S Jet 100


Rockaria S Jet 100


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