A: Mr Blue Sky

B: One Summer Dream

Label:  Jet Records

Cat No:  S Jet 104

Issue Date:  May 1978

Format:  Black Vinyl

Peak UK Chart Position:  --

Weeks On UK Chart:  --


Jet Records changed record distributor on May, 6th 1978 from United Artists to CBS. This prompted 3 of ELO's singles to be re-pressed and re-issued with new Jet Cat. Numbers.

Issued on Jet Records label with :

  1. Almost flat solid centre with rough press circle and outer ring.

  2. Solid centre with indented circle with a inner large flat circle.

  3. Solid centre with large indented circle with inner large flat ring.

On pressing No 2 the text is Misaligned / Miss Centred on both A & B sides.

This not a one off as I have seen multiple copies.


On all pressings the 2nd R is missing from "OrchestRa" on the A side.

One Summer Dream S JET 104

B Side

Mr Blue Sky S Jet 104
MBS Solid 5.jpg


Mr Blue Sky S Jet 104


One Summer Dream S Jet 104
Mr Blue Sky S Jet 104