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ELO 7" Ireland Singles Discography - 1972 to 1986

Listed below are all the Electric Light Orchestra Irish issued 7" singles from 1972 to 1986 with the different label text layouts, label variations, different mouldings & pressings of that issue.

Download HERE a PDF list of all known issues of ELO 7" Irish Singles - February 2024

Often as little as 250 Irish pressings were made, if they sold out then either another 250 pressings were made, or a few hundred UK pressings were imported. 


So if you went into a record shop in Ireland, (for example looking for Evil Woman), you might get an Irish copy if you were lucky, or a UK issue or sometimes the Irish & UK pressings were mixed together.

The Harvest issues should have been sold in EMI company sleeves, but Ireland didn't always receive large enough sleeve quantities from EMI in Hayes. 


The Polydor pressings should have been issued in Polydor company sleeve's.

As with most Irish pressings in the 1970's, the United Artists and Jet Records pressings were sold in plain white sleeves, occasionally a Jet Records company sleeve might have been used.


Post 1981 Irish issued singles usually had their company sleeves (but not always!).


The Irish record pressing plant in Dublin pressed 7" singles with a 4 prong push out rough centre section, these became known as "lunar" or "moon surface" centres as they are said to resemble the Moon's surface !

Credit to John Walsh for above info.

10538 Overture HAR5053
Roll Over Beethoven HAR 5063
Showdown HAR 5077
Evil Woman JET 764
Strange Magic JET 779
Livin Thing JET UP 36184 - Ireland
Rockaria UP 36209
Telephone Line UP 36264
Turn To Stone UP 36313
Mr Blue Sky UP 36342
Sweet Talkin Woman S JET 121
Shine A Little Love S JET 144
The Diary Of Horace Wimp Jet 150
Dont Bring Me Down JET 153
Confusion Jet 166
IM Alive Jet 179
Xanadu - Jet 185 Jet Cover
All Over The World JET 195
Don't Walk Away JET 7004 Label
Hold On Tight JET 7011
Rock N Roll Is King JET 7034
Rock N Roll Is King JET TA 3500
Calling America EPC A 6844

Other Charted ELO 7" Singles in Ireland.


The following ELO singles also charted in Ireland, but do not know if there was any actual Irish pressings issued or if UK issues were imported:

Wild West Here - No 9

The ELO EP - No 15

Twilight - No 18

Ticket To The Moon/Here Is The News - No 17

Secret Messages - No 16

I welcome more information on the above.

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