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A: Telephone Line

B1: King Of The Universe

B2: Poorboy

Label:  Jet Records

Cat No:  S Jet 101

Issue Date:  May 1978

Format:  Black Vinyl

Peak UK Chart Position:  --

Weeks On UK Chart:  --


Issued on the Yellow/Blue Sky Jet Records Tower label. It came in a Jet Records company sleeve or a plain white sleeve.


Issued in the formats:

  • Solid Centre 

  • Solid Centre  -  later large “indented” pressing post 1979

There are also a number of different solid centre pressings/mouldings, as shown below the yellow line.

The larger 'indented' central area mouldings were first used in or around 1979 by CBS pressing plants.

Jet Records changed record distributor on May, 6th 1978 from United Artists to CBS. 


This prompted  3 of ELO's singles to be re-pressed and re-issued with new Jet Cat. Numbers.

Copies of  Telephone Line S JET 101 were mislabelled with the order of the B side tracks reversed on the label.


King of the Universe then Poorboy is incorrect, it should be labelled :

1. Poorboy

2. King Of The Universe.

Telephone Sleeve A Side.jpg
Telephone Sleeve B Side.jpg
Telephone Line - S Jet 101
King Of Universe S JET 101
Telephone Line S Jet 101
Telphone Line Side B S JET 101
Telephone Line S Jet 101
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