A: Secret Messages

B: Buildings Have Eyes

Label:  Jet Records

Cat No:  Jet WA 3720

Issue Date:  26 Aug 1983

Format:  Picture Disc

Peak UK Chart Position: 48

Weeks On UK Chart:  03


Issued on Jet Records label as ELO's  first 7" Picture Disc

The label on the front of the pvc cover for this picture disc refers to a competition to decode four clues on the picture disc to win a "Personal Gold LP Disc".


Entrants had to figure out the clues to identify a line from an ELO song and then send the line in for the chance of winning a prize. The clues were:

1. Backwards writing on Side A that says "GO TO JETLX 527" referring to the Secret Messages album UK catalogue number.

2. A picture of four diamonds referring to the song Four Little Diamonds.

3. More backwards writing on Side B that says "WE SHOUT RAVING NOTES", and

4. A picture of a jester.

By rearranging the letters in "WE SHOUT RAVING NOTES" and the word "JESTER" you get the line "there's just no answer to give" from the song Four Little Diamonds, and that's the answer!

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