A: Ma Ma Belle

B: Oh No Not Susan

Label:  Warner Brothers

Cat No:  K 16349

Issue Date:  1 March 1974

Format:  Black Vinyl

Peak UK Chart Position:  22

Weeks On UK Chart:  08


Issued on Warner Brothers label with :

  1. 4 prong push out with large raised flat circle

  2. Solid centre with a large raised or indented circle.

  3. Solid centre with large raised inner circle with a indented ring around it.

  4. General issue large hole version.

  5. Made in Holland version with a large hole for the UK market.

Numbers 2 + 3 are the same pressing/moulding, just with the A + B sides & labels being swapped around.

Oh No Not Susan B Side K 16349

B Side

WB Yellow sleeve.jpg

Some times ELO's Warner Bros. (WB) singles are shown in a yellow sleeve. But research has shown that this yellow sleeve was not issued until 1975 starting with record Cat. No K 16599, which is after ELO's WB single's issued.

See http://45-sleeves.co.uk/

Ma Ma Ma Belle K 16349
Ma Ma Ma Belle K 16349


Ma Ma Ma Belle K 16349


Ma Ma Ma Belle K 16349 - Holland For UK Market


Oh No Not Susan K16349
Ma Ma Ma Belle K 16349


Ma Ma Ma Belle K 16349