A: Mr Blue Sky

B: One Summer Dream

Label:  Jet Records

Cat No:  JET UP 36342

Issue Date:  13 Jan 1978

Format:  Black Vinyl

Peak UK Chart Position:  06 (1978)

Weeks On UK Chart:  11 (1978)

Peak UK Chart Position:  88 (2011)

Weeks On UK Chart:  05 (2011)


Issued on Jet Records label with :

  1. 4 prong push out with large raised ring and slightly raised small inner ring.

  2. Very rare issue on almost flat solid centre with large raised or indented circle.

  3. 4 prong push out that is not actually punched out !

  4. Very rare white label test pressing on 4 prong push out centre with slightly raised small inner ring.

The Black Vinyl issue was actually the second pressing, hence the "A" demo label being on the Blue Vinyl copy.

It is ELO's only single to enter the UK charts twice !

One Summer Dream Black UP 36342

B Side

Mr Blue Sky UP 36342
One Summer Dream UP 36342
Mr Blue Sky UP 36342


Mr Blue Sky UP 36342


Mr Blue Sky UP 36342


Mr Blue Sky UP 36342