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 ELO singles discography is a comprehensive collectors & reference website.

Listed for each ELO single that was released in the UK & Ireland are all the formats, label variations, different text layouts & different pressings of Electric Light Orchestra 7", 10", 12" and CD singles from 1972 to 2018.

The ELO collecting section has comprehensive information on rare UK issued  ELO singles, translucent issues, miss-labelled issues along with a breakdown of the different UK issued coloured vinyl's, label designs, record sleeves & the various 7" vinyl pressings/mouldings.

ELO 7" Singles 1972 to 1978
The Way Lifes Meant To Be - Holland Front Cover.jpg
ELO 7" Singles 1979 to 2018
ELO Large Hole / Juke Box Singles
Evil Woman JET 764
Night Comes Cover Front_resize.jpg

Electric Light Orchestra issued multiple different types & variants of their UK 7" singles including :


  • Demo / Promo

  • Paper Labels

  • Solid Centres

  • 4 Prong Push Out

  • Large Hole Versions

  • Plastic Injection

  • Coloured Vinyl's

  • Picture Disc's

Two 10" coloured vinyl singles were also issued in the UK along with thirteen 12" singles, again some released in coloured vinyl.

in 2018 a box set of ELO singles from 1972 to 1978 was issued.

Sixteen CD singles or CD Promo singles or samplers (including one Jeff Lynne CD promo single) have so far been issued in the UK.

UK & Irish 7", 10, 12" and CD Singles were issued on the labels:-

  • EMI Harvest

  • Warned Brothers

  • Polydor

  • United Artists

  • Jet Records

  • Epic

  • Sony

  • RCA

The Label Code (LC XXXX) that is used on 7" singles was implemented from 1st. May 1976 for German releases and then in late 1970's it was implemented by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) for the rest of the world.

ELO UK issued singles started using Label Codes from May 1978 - Mr Blue Sky - S Jet 104 Re-Issue

MBS Label Code.jpg
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